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Before starting with us each child is invited to a trial session with their parent or carer. We will take and send photographs so that the family can talk about the visit as the new term approaches. We always recognise that parents have the best knowledge of their children so we ask the family to fill in a form about their child’s special likes and dislikes, important words or favourite stories which are helpful for the settling-in period. Our gentle and flexible attitude to settling in new children considers parents’ needs and emotions as well as those of their children.
We have strong partnerships with parents and carers which reflects positively in the way in which our children form relationships with each other too. It is important to us that our children and families have a strong sense of belonging and community. Leavers are invited back and we always enjoy visits from past parents too.  We share weekly emails, photographs and news with families. There are two written reports for each child a year, as well as one parents’ evening. There are daily opportunities to talk us - either in person, via email or telephone or an arranged visit in the setting. We also have a Christmas Concert in St. Matthew’s Church and a Summer Concert in our garden in July. 

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